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Stitchers Sneak Peek: Will Camille and Amanda's Double Date End in Disaster?

A painful double date on Mondays Stitchers (Freeform, 9/8c) will make jumping into dead peoples brains seem like a cakewalk. TVLine has an exclusive clip from the episode, which finds Camille and Amanda enjoying a flirty night in until their guests, Linus and Ivy, arrive to ruin their fun. Or to create a totally []

Stitchers Photos: Trouble for Kirsten and Cameron?

Who or what is messing with Kirsten's ability to stitch? Strange glitches have plagued her since she was trapped in her own memories. Linusmay have found the cause on Stitchers Season 3 Episode 3 "Perfect." And judging by the photos below, the solution could be worse than the problem. Why else would everyone look so tense? Their expressions don't exactly promise good news.  ...Read More...

Stitchers Photos: A New Love for Camille?

There's a new lady in Camille's life on Stitchers Season 3 Episode 2 "For Love or Money." After her relationship with Linus failed, and a flirtation with Fisher went nowhere, Camille setting her romantic sights elsewhere. In the photos below, we see Camille's interactions with the mystery lady. Will she be able to handle Camille's double life? We also catch a glimpse of what's happening in Kirsten's latest stitch. ...Read More...

Stitchers Promo: The Stitch Team Takes on Russia

What does Russia have to do with a dead body in a pool? That's the question Kirsten and the team will be asking on Stitchers Season 3 Episode 2 "For Love or Money." In the video below, we see the team attempting to piece together the clues. But, as usual, things may not be what they seem.  ...Read More...

Stitchers Boss Breaks Down Biggest Twists From Season 3 Premiere

Stitchers returned for its third season on Monday with an appropriately mind-bending premiere that put Kirstens entire team on a new not to mention extremely personal path. For starters, we now know for sure that Kirstens mother is still alive. Her brain evolved as part of Project Grasshopper, and Blair is now determined []

[VIDEO] 'Stitchers' Season 3 Preview: Kristen's Mom Is Alive

Stitchers returns for its third season, picking up right after the season 2 finale that saw Kristen (Emma Ishta) trapped in her own stitch memory as she attempts to find her mother while her life hangs in the balance. Cameron (Kyle Harris), on the other hand, stood by her side and was trying everything to bring her back.   ...Read More...

Five Things You Didnt Know about the Show Stitchers

When it comes to the thriller and mystery genre, the ABC family is well known for these types of shows. ABC is now broadening its wings to include categories such as science fiction crime with the Stitchers season 3 premiere. It means that you have much more to enjoy when watching ABC shows. In this article, we look at five things you didnt know about this fairly unknown series. 1. Production The Stitchers series began its filming in January by carrying out shoots in Santa Clarita. It promises you the best crime procedural series with plenty of twist and turns. ...Read More...

Stitchers First Look: Camille Sees Sparks With YouTuber Anna Akana

YouTuber/author/actress Anna Akana joins the cast of Stitchers third season as medical examiner Amanda Weston but were more interested in thelivingbodies shell be examining during her time on the show. As revealed by Freeform, Amanda will strike up a relationship with Camille (played by Allison Scagliotti), and TVLine has the exclusive first photos of []

Stitchers Season Premiere Photos: Chaos in the Stitch Lab

Kirsten, Cameron, and the rest of the team are back in the lab on Stitchers Season 3 Episode 1 "Out of the Shadows." But the new victim could take a backseat to why Director Blair allowed them to work a case in the first place. What made him change his mind about shutting down the program? That's only one of the many unanswered questions we have left over from Stitchers Season 2 . Judging by the photos below, we might be adding to the list rather than getting answers. Scroll through the photos to see who else pops up in the lab. Then, hit the comments and share your thoughts with us! What would you like to see happen next? ...Read More...

Stitchers Season 3 Promo: Kirsten and Cameron Get Their Flirt On

Is it hot in here, or is it just this new promo for Stitchers upcoming third season? TVLine has an exclusive first look at the Freeform dramas latest chapter premiering Monday, June 5 at 9/8c which finds Kirsten and Cameron making time for romance in between solving killer crimes. (Remember when these two []